What Happens When You Stop Having Sex?

What happens when you stop having sex? Here are 7 ways in which you get affected.

What Happens When You Stop Having Sex

What Happens When You Stop Having Sex

What Happens When You Stop Having Sex?

What Happens When You Stop Having Sex - Myrkino

What Happens When You Stop Having Sex – Myrkino

1) Your immune system is weakened

Sex shields you against colds and flu. Weird huh? Well, not really. There are several studies which suggest that sexual activity strengthens the immune system. Sexual hormones like progesterone, estrogens and androgens have a positive effect on it and as a result, your body is less susceptible to infections.

2) Your stress levels are higher

Sex is an activity that helps people let off some steam. The increased levels of cortisol, oxytocin, and endorphins that your body produces during sex help you feel more relaxed. It is also noteworthy that stress is associated with many diseases like asthma, heart conditions, depression, and Alzheimer’s disease. So if you want to loosen up and guard yourself against some serious diseases, sex is the solution.

3) The lack of sex hurts your self-esteem

This is to be expected. People who have sex rarely feel less attractive and depressed. On the other hand, people that have sex often, have more confidence and that leads to even more success with the opposite sex. Meanwhile, getting back in the game after a long sexless period results to more anxiety and increased fear of impotence.

4) Reduced sexual desire and skill

Prolonged absence from sex leads to reduced libido and various sexual problems. Men might experience erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation and women weaker and tighter vagina. In short, the lack of practice makes you rusty.

5) Men face a higher risk of prostate cancer

According to studies, men who have more ejaculations per week face a significantly lower risk of prostate cancer.

6) Low mood and depression

The absence of sex can result in depression and low mood. This happens because, in essence, the lack of it implies a lack of connection and the latter hurts the soul.

7) Relationships become harder

If you are already in a relationship, not having sex can have disastrous consequences. Appart from a recreational physical activity, sex is also a way of showing affection to your partner. It allows the couple to strengthen their bond, so not making love can lead to the exact opposite.


Knowing what happens when you stop having sex is important because it is so much more than a fun activity. Simply put, sex is healthy. Hopefully, you are more motivated after reading this list!

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