7 Surprising Ways Writing A Diary Or A Journal Benefits You

There are things we can’t discuss openly not even with our closest friends, stuff we simply want to keep to ourselves. Or sometimes an event so awful or so great might occur that we want to keep a record of. Whatever the reason, writing a diary can be more beneficial than you might think. So, let’s see how.

Anna Frank Quote

Anna Frank Quote

First of all, what is a diary?

A diary or a journal is a record of experiences. Although, the two words mean pretty much the same thing, a diary is usually more personal.

How does writing a diary benefit you?

1) It’s a cathartic experience.

When writing a diary, you cannot lie. Who are you going to lie to, anyway? It is a process that forces you to be honest with yourself and this can have magnificent results. You get to experience life twice, only this time as an observer. As human beings, we all have desires and of course, we make mistakes. Your journal is like a mirror of your soul. It encourages you to analyze your thoughts and comprehend every aspect of your character. You will find yourself asking thought-provoking and sometimes harsh questions about who you really are. As the Greek philosophers often said : Know thyself.

2) You can keep a record of special events

There is only so much you can remember. So why not write it down in every detail? Just imagine yourself, many years older than now, sitting in an armchair by the fireplace and reading about your first love, the first time you had sex, the day you met the love of your life or the day you became a parent… Priceless, isn’t it? Keep all that magic forever with you. This is your personal story, after all.

3) You’ll have a better connection to your emotions

In the fast-paced modern societies, people tend to oppress their emotions. Many people out there are so devoted to their work and obsessed with success that they remove anything else from their lives, emotions being the very first victim. In men’s case specifically, sentiments are often regarded as a taboo subject and a sign of weakness. It is no wonder that depression is so common these days. No matter how much you try to detach yourself from your emotions, they remain a part of human nature. Therefore, it’s only logical to try to stay connected to that part of your personality. Writing a diary can help you a lot with that. Just write down your deepest thoughts, things that trouble you so much that you want to scream, your fears, concerns, dreams, and desires. Your journal will become the ticket to a better mental health.

Writing A Diary

Writing A Diary

4) You’ll become more creative

As you make writing a habit, soon you’ll realize that new thoughts and ideas keep popping in your head. Brainstorming becomes a reality and without even trying! And guess what? You’ve got pen and paper right in front of you to write everything down. How awesome is that?

5) You’ll develop your writing skills

Don’t judge by me. I’m horrible, I know. But that doesn’t have to be the case with you. People learn by doing and same goes to writing. The more you write the better you’ll become, take that for granted. Eventually, you’ll have a vastly richer and more complicated vocabulary simply because after some point you will want to mix things up. And if you do it in a foreign language, then the reward is double, as you’ll improve your skills dramatically. Practice does make perfect!

6) It’s relaxing

Don’t think of writing a diary as a boring routine or as an obligation like any other. Try to enjoy it! Grab a cup of coffee, turn the radio on, choose a station with calming music and let the sound of the rain accompany the rhythm of your pen. That sounds just perfect, doesn’t it? Shortly your head will be empty of stressing, everyday thoughts and your mind will be isolated to its own special world.

7) Hard decisions will become easier

Writing a diary can help you with making hard decisions. That’s because while writing, your brain dives into the process of examining the problem and seeking for an answer. It’s almost like setting a small deadline to yourself because…well…you’ve got to write something, right? To make this even harder and compelling, use a pen instead of a pencil so that you cannot erase what you write. That way you’ll have to think everything through before putting it on paper. You will be able to assess your mistakes and have a better view on the problem. By the end of it, and without even noticing, you’ll have all the answers you were looking for.

Writing a diary is relaxing and extremely productive at the same time. One could say that these days, a journal is the best therapist you can get. It’s definitely the cheapest one, that’s for sure. Before you face the world out there, you should first confront yourself. You’ll see that your perspective about everything will be different and you will have a clearer picture of your path in life. What are you waiting for? Start writing!

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