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Who I am


My name is Antonis Papageorgiou and I come from a small Greek town called Giannitsa.


As a little kid, I enjoyed spending my summer vacation helping my grandpa harvest his peach trees. It was then that I was taught the value of nature, a lesson that I still carry with me.

Several years later I joined the Department of Pharmacy of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

Chemistry, biology, pharmacology, pharmaceutical analysis and pharmacognosy are just some of the lessons that my colleagues and I were taught.

Strong drugs with whatever side effects they cause are not always the answer. The more I studied the more I realized that and the more I felt the urge to learn about the therapeutic potential of nature.

Thus, Myrkino was born.

Thessaloniki - Greece - About Myrkino

What is Myrkino


The myrtle plant was said to be sacred to Aphrodite and for that reason, it symbolizes beauty, grace, and love. The peach, on the other hand, symbolizes life, longevity, and rejuvenation.


Myrkino is the combination of two greek words : μυρτιά (myrtle) and ροδάκινο (peach).


Myrkino symbolizes both life and beauty and my mission is to explore every aspect of health, both physical and mental and to learn how to handle the healing power of nature with respect to the modern science.

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Myrtle - About Myrkino